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Life can take some twists and turns . . . . How you choose to handle these situations will have repercussions in many areas of your life. Often times, it is helpful to have a person who can help you identify issues and support you in making choices that are necessary for growth. Whether you are a parent struggling with the many demands of modern day child rearing; an adolescent who may need an objective listener to help maneuver through the stress of school; a young adult making the transition to adulthood; or you are an individual struggling with issues of depression and/or anxiety - therapy can provide an opportunity for self-reflection, insight and, ultimately, personal growth. 


Starting therapy is a big step.  An important part of that step is finding the right clinician. The connection between therapist and client is one that needs to feel right – there needs to be a good "fit." Let’s meet and see if we can clarify your issues and whether or not the alliance we form can assist you in attaining your therapeutic goals. 



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