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B.A. Connecticut College  1991

Major: Sociology Based Human Relations  Minor:  Dance

M.S.W. Boston College Graduate School for Social Work  1994

Concentration:  Forensic Social Work

LCSW Connecticut - 1996 to Present

License #004041CT

Professional Training

Level 1 & 2 EMDR

EMDR Certified


As a former dancer, I have ongoing interest in the body/mind connection.  How does the experience of emotional pain, depression or anxiety transfer to our bodies?  How do our bodies hold onto pain and traumatic memories?  It is my belief  that our bodies speak to us through pain, tension and at times, illness. Getting in tune with our bodies can often provide clues to our pain and assist in the therapeutic process.  My approach to therapy is eclectic and integrative.  I utilized psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches combined with elements of mindfulness, schema-focused therapy and EMDR.  


I have been a LCSW for over 20 years, treating adolescents, adults and the elderly. My expertise includes the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, parenting difficulties and trauma. 


I completed my Master of Social Work (MSW) in Forensic Social Work at Boston College Graduate School for Social Work in 1994. During my internships, I worked with mentally ill incarcerated males within prison mental health systems. My post-graduate employment focused on treating adolescent boys in a locked Intensive Residential Treatment Program (IRTP) providing individual, group and family therapy.  In subsequent years, I provided clinical consultation, psychoeducation and crisis intervention training to a statewide outreach and tracking program for at-risk youth.  I have provided community-based services, case management and individual therapy as a psychiatric social worker within a hospital setting. Additionally, I have worked in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide supportive counseling to the elderly and their families. Most recently, I have been working in an Emergency Department doing assessments/evaluations to determine whether or not an individual needs acute psychiatric hospitalization. Additionally, within a hospital setting, I work with addiction patients to help coordinate aftercare and outpatient treatment. 

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